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Citizen Rights: European Call for Application 


The Budapest event of the NGO training programme is co-organised by HES.
Citizens, civil society activists, members of movements, organisations and networks from across Europe are invited TO APPLY for a transnational activist training programme for the defence and extension of fundamental and citizenship rights, being carried out across six cities in Europe from summer 2015 to spring 2016.

Party Politics on European Matters and the Divide between Political Elites and Citizens in Hungary


This preliminary paper deals with the issue how partisan politics correlate with the perceptions of the people on European topics in Hungary. In general, strategies of the political parties might conclude in both driving and following public opinion. In this case I argue that beyond a solid differentiation in the views of the electorate according to ideological guidelines, the social representation of the European Union is quite uniformed - both in elite and mass perceptions - in this new member state of the European Union. 

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