István Hegedűs' opinion was quoted in the article published in La Stampa about the attacks of the government against the Hungarian Academy of Sciences on 14 February 2019.

István Hegedűs talked about the European role of Viktor Orbán in the Eurozóna program of Klubrádió on 1 February 2019.

István Hegedűs gave a presentation to the students of the Long Island University in the framework of the LIU Global Program at the Central European University, Budapest, on 22 January 2019. 


István Hegedűs gave a video interview to the Austrian Der Standard on 20 January 2019 about the radicalisation of the demonstrations in Hungary, Viktor Orbán's regime and the chances of the opposition. 


The Hungarian Europe Society is a host organiser of the training led by The Good Lobby in Budapest on 26 February 2019 at Európa Pont. Please register HERE!
On 9 January 2019 Volkmar Wenzel, ambassador of the German Federal Republic in Hungary made a presentation to members of the Hungarian Europe Society.
Members of the Hungarian Europe Society gave lectures at the annual final meeting of the organisation on 29 December 2018. First Erik Uszkiewicz presented his research subject under the title "Impacts of the Russian disinformation war on the European elections and the role of the media", then,...
Openly questioning liberal democracy and openly abusing political power for serving corruption are equally dangerous for democracy, stability and Europe’s future. This was the conclusion of the discussion entitled "The future of the EU: Central and Eastern European Perspectives" between Zsuzsanna...


Declaration of the Hungarian Europe Society* on triggering Article 7 of the Treaty on the European Union​   Article 2 of the Treaty on the European Union claims: “The Union is founded on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and...
On 18 December 2017 135 Hungarian NGO-s, including HES, protested against the attacks on civil society by the local governments of Kaposvár, Miskolc and Pécs, which initiated the expulsion of civil organisations from their cities.  
Please find the latest declaration of the Hungarian Europe Soiety about the current legislation impacting NGOs in Hungary here (HU).
The Hungarian Europe Society, together with numerous NGO-s, protested in a statement against the stigmatising "Law on the Transparency of Foreign Funded Organisations" approved by the Hungarian Parliament on 13 June 2017.